Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked

Penguins are back with still the dream of flying to moon in their mind. Learn to Fly 3 came with a whole new adventure with the same mission. With new and unique features you can now think and implement your idea in the game play and help those who wants to fly.

  • Black Market is added for those who want to customize and get some exiting features that can improve game play and make it more interesting. You can get items, some game tactics, slow motion and fast forward feature and level unlocking from Black Market.
  • Previous online bugs are resolved and online servers are brought back.
  • 6 new Omega items are added.
  • New medals will be awarded after achieving high levels.
  • With the edition of new mission the game gets excitement to play with.
  • History feature is being edited, which allow you to see you previous fights and learn from your mistakes.
  • Some items are reworked which might force you to change your game play strategy.
  • New techniques and features can be unlocked.

Learn to Fly 3 Game

Added an option to not end the day by falling, flight time is stopped however to maintain balance
Fixed (?) a bug where “play for X real life days” medals wouldn’t trigger DOUBLED the steering power of every item as various tweaks seem like they made the controls feel less and less responsive Reworked booster packs to have much greater odds of getting certain cards, which are mostly related to the pack name. You still can get everything from any booster though.